About us

At Olin Group we are experts in telecommunications services in the regional market; both for wholesalers, with our Olinfra high-speed network, and for retailers through the management of our local operators.

Led by Asterion Industrial Partners, a leading infrastructure fund in Europe and Teras Capital, a pioneer in the regional telecommunications market, and made up of a management team with extensive experience in the sector.

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“From Olin Group we want
contribute to the improvement of
connectivity in our cities,
towns and villages, giving the
clients a quality service,
close and differential.”


Facilitate the organic and inorganic growth of our retail and wholesale operations through a high-quality FTTH infrastructure and management with solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.


To be the leading regional telecommunications platform in the Spanish market, distinguished by our client proximity and quality of our services.


We always work guided by proximity, transparency, technological creativity, humanity and service. This is the line to follow in each and every one of our interactions with clients, employees or partners.


The management team is composed of a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the
telecommunications sector and with extensive experience both within the major Spanish operators
as well as in successful local operations in the history of telecommunications.

Agustín Izzo Díaz


His professional career with more than 12 years of experience stands out for leading infrastructure projects at Telefónica and Delta Partners in more than 15 countries. Agustín will lead Olin Group together with a great team of experts.

Iván Lastra Santamarina


Iván has more than 15 years leading different marketing and sales areas at Vodafone Spain. At this stage, he joined the Olin Group to direct the commercial and customer area.

Mario Triguero Robles


His extensive experience with more than 30 years as an auditor at KPMG and CFO at Everis, among others, endorse Mario in his position as head of the financial and legal area of Olin Group.

Enrique Gurrea-Nozaleda


With more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, including his participation in the Ahimas project as co-founder, CTO and Deputy-CEO and in Teras Capital as TMT Partner; Enrique joins Olin Group as CTO.

Pía Billotti Outeiriño

Director of Administration and Finance

With more than 15 years of experience coordinating Finance teams in Telecommunications operators, including the Ahimas project and its integration into the Mas Móvil group, Pía contributes her extensive knowledge of the sector for the growth and consolidation of the Olin Group.

Esteban Pertusati

Director of Strategy

With more than 9 years of experience in leadership roles for the definition of business and product strategies in telecommunications and technology companies, Esteban joins Olin Group to lead the Strategy area.

Asunción Pacheco Sainero

HR Director

With more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources with a great track record in transformation and organizational development projects, in change management and strategic personnel planning in companies such as Savi Marketing or Grupo Osborne.


of XTA

Olin Group begins its commitment to the Catalonia area with the acquisition of XTA, which will maintain all its local operations with the aim of strengthening its local infrastructures and improving connectivity between different people and companies.

of ConectaT
and Comenersol

With the ambition of developing local operators, Olin Group accelerates its growth with the purchase of the Asturian operator ConectaT and Comenersol, which provides services in Alicante and Valencia.

of Olinfra

Creation of our own high-speed FTTH network infrastructure to provide high-quality fiber and speed to local operators.

06Acquisition of
Cartago Telecom

Consolidation of the strategy in southern Spain with the formalization of the sale of Cartago Telecom, the telecommunications operator that provides services to Cartagena (Murcia) and surroundings.

05Olin Group
is born

Teras Capital and Asterion Industrial Partners found Olin Group for the development of a fiber optic platform through the acquisition of different local operators in Spain.

of AION and Qtalon

The incorporation of the two operators AION and Qtalon reinforce the network of local operators that make up Olin Group in the south of Spain, providing service in the province of Seville.

of Netcan

Olin Group arrives in northern Spain by acquiring Netcan, a leading operator in Cantabria with greater broadband coverage.

of ClubTV

To strengthen the presence of Olin Group in Cartagena, comes the purchase of ClubTV, a local operator that provides services at the exclusive golf resort La Manga Club.

of Mowitel

Olin Group continues its consolidation in the provinces of Seville and Malaga with the acquisition of the operator Mowitel.