The acquisition of Cartago Telecom consolidates the expansion strategy of Teras Capital and Asterion Industrial Partners

Consolidation of the rural fiber telecommunications platform to improve digital connectivity through high-quality Internet access in rural areas of southern Spain.

Formalization of the sale of the Cartagena operator Cartago Telecom.

Madrid, junio de 2022

Teras Capital and Asterion Industrial Partners have closed the purchase of Cartago Telecom for the development of a fiber optic platform for rural environments, expanding their project in
Southern Spain.

Cartago Telecom is a telecommunications operator founded in 1990 that provides fiber optic services to the inhabitants of the Cartagena area, Murcia, and surrounding towns.

With this acquisition, the strategy of materializing the synergies of the consolidation of certain local operators on the network and other capacities enabled by this joint company begins.

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